Forces Help to Buy

Army, Navy and Royal Air Force help to buy schemes.

The forces help to buy scheme or FHTB scheme was originally designed to last three years, from April 2014. However, the latest news is that it has now been extended until the “end of December 2022.

what is forces help to buy?

You can borrow up to 50% of your salary, any recruitment and retention pay up to a max of £25,000.

Forces help to buy scheme is an interest free advance of salary and should be repaid over ten years.

It is available to Regular personnel to buy their first home or move to a new location (more than 50 miles from their current property), although there may be some exceptions to this.

The current scheme is now running till the end of 2022.

Find out more at from help to buy.

will i be eligable for FHTB?

To be eligible for FHTB personnel must fulfil the following criteria –

  • You must be in regular service

  • If you are in the Naval Service you must have been accepted onto trained strength, i.e. in a complement billet.

  • If you are RAF and Army personnel you must have completed two years’ service from the date of enlistment. You must also be trained on strength – i.e. completed phase 2 training.

  • You must have at least six months left serving at the time of application.

  • In the last twelve months, you have not owned a property within 50 miles of the proposed house purchase (although there may be some exceptions to this).

how do i apply?

If you are interested in Forces Help To Buy Scheme then you can apply online through the Joint Personnel Administration system. Your chain of command will be able to help you with the application process.

If you are buying a home, then you may want to talk to a mortgage advisor about your options. Not all lenders will allow FHTB so going to your bank would likely get you nowhere. If you would like to chat with one of our advisors, then please ring 08081 551 807

when do i have to pay it back?

You must pay the money back by the time you leave the forces, or within 10 years, depending which of these comes first. It is possible to remortgage your property later to replay the current debt. Some soldiers will repay the loan with part of their lump sum when finishing their services. Speak to us for all your forces help to buy scheme questions.