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Finding the right conveyancing solicitor quote is the key to ensure your transaction seamlessly flows through. Conveyancing solicitors comparison quickly and easily.

How we do it

A conveyancing solicitor is supposed to take off a load of stress involved in selling or purchasing property; the end result of a property buying or selling ultimately depends on who you choose to work with, so making the right choice is extremely important. We can offer  conveyancing solicitors comparison quotes in Bournemouth and nationwide in the UK.

The Three T’s of Conveyancing Squared

  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Time

The development of processes and regulations related to property transfer is ever-changing. With so many parties and key players involved: buyers, sellers, agents, developers, banks, and more – each and every transaction runs differently. Our foresight and pro-active approach lead to successful title transfers avoiding disputes and costly litigations. 

Due Diligence

A trained legal professional is a must in conducting checks and searches on your behalf, whether you’re buying or selling property. Our specialists will conduct a thorough analysis and inspection into the fundamentals of the asset, the buyer or seller, the financing, and any compliance obligations.

Drafting the Contracts

The contract is at the heart of any transaction. An experienced conveyancer is required to draft an official contract to consider both administrative and legal concerns. Our conveyancing solicitor experts will ensure all that all the terms and conditions are clearly laid out as per the agreement of the buyer and seller.


Finally completing and closing out the deal is the most important part of a transaction. Conveyancing Squared can assist you with concluding financial checks to be certain that all legal paperwork is properly drawn up before submitting to concerned authorities. We will liaise with surveyors, conveyancing solicitors, real estate agents, mortgage lenders, banks, and utility providers leading to a successful property transfer on the date of completion. You won’t be left in the dark as our specialists will keep you informed and updated at every stage of the process so we can address your concerns along the way (if any). We can save you money by comparing conveyancing quotes for you, reducing the time it takes to search multiple websites yourself.

Property Transfer is no ordinary transaction and can tend to be stressful if not dealt with accordingly. With Conveyancing Squared, you never have to dive blindly into a deal as we pride ourselves on our personal approach, managing your transaction as if it’s our own. We foresee any issues that may arise and inform you ahead of time through a clarified and transparent process. Trust that all obstacles are eliminated while avoiding delays and unnecessary costs. We have a panel of expert conveyancing solicitors we work with nationwide and in Bournemouth.

Armed Forces

A specialist is key in managing a property purchase in order to minimise, if not totally avoid, unforeseen risks in getting your dream home or investments.

From first-hand experience, we are aware of how challenging it can be when it comes to dealing with a property transaction, especially when one is deployed or about to be posted overseas. Whether you’re looking into buying property as an investment or a home to live in while in service or after settlement, Conveyancing Squared will make sure you get that home you truly deserve. We can provide a conveyancing quotes service allowing you to compare conveyancing solicitors in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset and any location in the UK.

why us?

We are able to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective service through our extensive legal experience and a solid history of working with military personnel. We offer a comprehensive service when you need for conveyancing solicitors comparison.

  • We have an in-depth comprehension of a military client’s specific needs
  • We pride ourselves on our personal yet professional approach that gets things done right
  • We have a team of expert conveyancers that know what’s what
  • We not only deliver results, we drive results
  • We have expert conveyancing solicitors.

How It Happens

  1. Let’s Talk

We’re here to listen – let us know what you want and need and we’re happy to give advice. We’ll determine if finances are in place to fund your purchase and get connected to solicitors if required.

  1. We’ll get to work

Our professional team will carry out searches, acquire and maintain necessary paperwork and liaise with the seller’s solicitor. You will remain informed of each step taken in the process and we will go through mortgage offers together. We’ll set a completion date (the date when you become the owner of the property) then send you the final contract for signature.

  1. Contract exchange

Once a completion date is set, we will take care of the contract exchange and notify you when it happens. We will make arrangements to ensure the monies needed to complete the transaction are processed from the lender and received by you.

  1. Purchase Completion

Happy days! Congratulations on your new home with all your legal requirements taken care of thanks to our conveyancing solicitors comparison facility.

We offer our services to all Armed Forces personnel. We can give you a detailed quotation on legal fees and other costs and disbursements. Conveyancing Squared will not only guide you through the whole deal, we’re here to handle everything. How long the purchase takes depends on several factors, but on average, the process takes between 6-8 weeks.  Whatever happens, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop and make it happen.

Our Commitment to the Armed Forces

Our commitment to serving you defines who we are. Conveyancing Squared is dedicated to providing service that goes the extra mile so you can be confident that you trusted the right people to handle your transaction, wherever you are. We make it our mission to guarantee your transaction runs as smoothly as possible without unrealised risks and unpleasant surprises later on in the process.

Compare Conveyancing Solicitors Quotes

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