How to Prepare A House for Viewing As A Seller

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Making sure you are well prepared when showing off your home is essential in increasing the chances of selling your property. Any potential new owners will use their imagination when viewing the property to get an idea if it suits them. There are however certain things you can do to paint a good picture and show any potential new owners a glimpse of what living in your home could be like. We have put together some ideas to help you prepare for a home viewing.

Drive by Appeal:
Any potential new homeowners will instantly start making assumptions and getting an impression as soon as they approach a new property they are viewing. As they drive up the street they are looking at things like garden, outside area, parking, access etc. So always make sure the outside area is tidy and litter free. Try leave them a parking spot directly outside your home too. If you have a garden make sure it’s as neat and tidy as can be and the lawn has been freshly mowed.

If you have a patio then if you can give it a jet wash to get it looking perfect. If it’s the summer then if you own a Barbecue then have it out, giving the impression it’s a lovely place to entertain outside and invite people over. Do any window frames need a lick of paint to freshen them up, things like this cost little to do but can make a huge difference.

Be Prepared:
There are certain questions as a seller you will more than likely get asked. Why are you selling, how long have you lived here, how are they neighbours etc. Always make sure you are prepared for such questions. They might ask about offers but never start negotiations there and then. Any work on the property you have done make sure you have this information to hand. Never lie or answer if you don’t know and simply say you will let the estate agent know to pass on this information.

Living Areas:
These are the most important areas of a home and will play a key part in enticing bids and offers from potential buyers. Always make sure it’s clean and clutter free, maybe light some candles to create a homely feel. Make sure the room has been aired and windows have been open. Try let natural light in. Make sure the room is clean.

Kitchens & Bathrooms
You need to make sure areas like kitchens and bathrooms are spotless. Any dirt or grime will tarnish their lasting impression even if it can be cleaned off. Again make sure these rooms are clutter free. Fresh towels out help. Clean bathrooms and kitchens remove any grease on the sealants if required. Taps and mirrors should be polished. Always use air fresheners too ideally those that work as you walk into a room. Sinks should be empty with no washing up to put away and the oven cleaned as well as the hob.

Never underestimate the selling point of a smell. Maybe bake some fresh bread just before they arrive, who doesn’t love the smell of fresh bread. If not baking then use a good air freshener or a scented candle works well. We advise against cooking bacon, save that for a Sunday morning!

On the Viewing Day Itself:
Make sure if you have pets all pet hair has been cleared away. If you have children try keep them distracted or busy, people want to concentrate on viewing their potential new home so any little ones making lots of noise or running around feet will be off putting. Make sure each room is at a comfortable temperature and not too hot or cold. Always let the viewer walk into a room first so they see the room as empty as can be to maximise the spacious affect.

Relax! Don’t get stressed or nervous, if you have prepared correctly then all the hard work is done, being nervous may come across as you have something to hide. Be approachable as well and friendly. Never enter into negotiations and always leave it to the estate agents.

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