Buying a new home, refinancing, or building a house from scratch? We’re here to help you walk into your dream home

A mortgage is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in life. At Conveyance Squared, we understand your needs and how we can best serve you. Part of our services includes helping you find the best financial tools to build, renovate, purchase your dream home, or refinance your existing home loan. Our flexible mortgage broker features and personalised approach allow us to customize our services to fit your unique needs. We are an experienced mortgage broker in Bournemouth.

How we can help

Building a home

Building your dream home is a life goal. The process of construction takes quite a lot of time, patience, and above all, money. We’re here to help you plan wisely so you can realise the impact of each of the many factors to consider before you make a decision. We are a professional mortgage broker in Bournemouth but we can help you anywhere in the UK nationwide.


We want nothing more than to lighten your burden. Did you know that you can enjoy additional savings and gear up on benefits by refinancing your mortgage? Next to buying or building your dream home, refinancing your mortgage may be the second smartest decision you will ever make. 

Mortgage Broker Bournemouth

Whether your aim is to lower your monthly mortgage payment, switch to a fixed rate, or even get cash out to finance a major expense, we’re here to provide you with all the mortgage refinance information you need. Our mortgage experts will work with you in realizing your savings should you opt to refinance your loan.

Together, we’ll figure out how much you can stretch your budget and the savings you can get.

How does refinancing work?

  • Obtain a larger home loan or financing amount by taking advantage of your property’s rising value
  • Your refinanced home loan or financing will pay off your existing mortgage
  • The balance is yours to spend and use as you wish

Home Equity Loan

Need a hand in meeting your financial goals? Your home can help as a source of extra financing. Home improvements, investing in a business, or simply paying for your child’s education… no matter the reason, we find ways to offer you affordable and convenient options to turn your home’s equity into cash.

Mortgage Options

We aim to give you the confidence of understanding all available options that suits your needs such as:

  • Flexible payment schemes
  • A wide range of loanable amounts
  • Friendly interest review dates and repricing
  • Speedy, reliable processing
  • Personalised service
  • Timely loan releases
  • Mortgage broker advice